Meirim at the Open Source GIS meeting

I have presented “Meirim“, the open-source project I have co-founded with Eyal Migdalovich and Talia Margalit. Merim is a website that collects new plans (called Taba) from the Israeli planning authority and communicates them to the public.

Over the presentation (in Hebrew) I explain the structure of the planning system in Israel, how permits are granted, and how city plans are being changed.

Later I mention some critical issues that arise from the political structure of the planning system and building law. Mainly the conflict of interest of the state as landowner and regulator and the highly professional language that excludes the residents.

Finally, I explain how Meirim is helping residents to know and understand better what are the plans in their neighborhood.

What do you think about this lecture? I would like to hear from you: