Competition of the Master plan of the City of Port-Louis, Mauritius

In the year 2004, I was an architecture student at Tel Aviv University. Over the summer, I had the honor and pleasure to work with Architect Moshe Salomon and Vlad Barash on an International Ideas Competition organized by the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA).

Port-Louis is the Capital City of Mauritius and includes many administrative buildings, the major port of Mauritius, and is a major commercial center. The rapid growth of the city challenged the existing historic fabric of the city and its heritage, requiring new ideas to pave the way for future development.

A major concern was the high traffic volume that went through the city, which needed to be addressed. Our proposal included six principles:

  1. A ring-road around the city that will solve the traffic burden on the city center. The new road offers magnificent scenic views since it is constructed on the side of the mountains enclosing Port Louis
  2. New commercial hubs at the city’s outskirts will be constructed as new portals to the city.
  3. These new centers will distribute the urban intensity.
  4. The new portals strengthen the existing urban structure, creating distinct quarters and hierarchy.
  5. Important cultural heritage and architectural significant building will be preserved.
  6. We also suggested transforming the historic barracks compound into a university to revitalize the city center.

Our plan was elected to the 2nd stage of the competition.

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