John Gero: Design and Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present, and Future

John Gero has been a professor of design science, architecture, artificial intelligence, computer science, cognitive psychology, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering at Sydney University, MIT, CMU, Columbia, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, EPFL, and University of Provence, amongst others. He has published over 800 research articles and books. He is a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Advancement of the Arts.

Prof. Gero gave an exciting and eye-opening lecture at the Design-AI research workshop that my partners, Nik Martelaro and Gerhard Schubert organized this week. The research group is an inter-institutional team dedicated to researching novel ways to use artificial intelligence methods in design. The institutions include the Technical University of Munich, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell-Tech, and the Technion institute of technology.

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