Schindler’s list – the story of my family

Several years ago, ITV broadcasted Carlton’s “Londoners at War” series that featured my grandfather Victor Dortheimer. The growing interest in the story of Oscar Schindler, after the Spielberg movie “the Schindler’s List,” brought this story to the public attention.

Today, it is impossible to find the movie since Carlton was sold and I couldn’t find any copy of the video online. Since I received an old VHS as an inheritance from a decided relative, and due to the importance of this document, I have decided to digitize and upload the film to the internet.

For more information about Schindler’s story and my family: Read “Schindler” Stepping-stone to Life A reconstruction of the Schindler story by Robin O’Neil

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Victor Dortheimer testimony

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