Frishman apartment renovation

An old two-room apartment in the center of Tel Aviv was upgraded to a three-room apartment. The modest 82 square meter apartment is located on the third floor and it is facing to the north.

The original architectural plan
The new architectural plan

After an analysis of the architectural situation the following principles were drawn:

  • The public space should be located along the northern facade that overviews the rooftops of the neighborhood.
  • Bedrooms should be located behind the walled facade and use the existing window openings.
  • Bathrooms will be located in the back of the apartment to improve the use of space.
  • Since there will be ventilation problems in the bathrooms, they will have ceiling-high windows that will face the apartment’s public space and have mechanical ventilation.
  • The public space will use the rhythm of the building structure and space will be organized from the more public space – the kitchen, through the dining area to the more private space – the sitting area.
  • Walls, doors, and the kitchen will be light-colored so space will feel larger. However, a dark “Island” will serve as a dramatic focal point of the space.
  • A special railing will be provided to allow the placement of planters along with the large north-facing windows. Automatic irrigation is required.
  • Many storage places are required.

The apartment includes also some special features.

First, the railing provides also a designated space for the cats’ litter box. This eliminates the smell and dirt that is a part of having cats.

Second, there is a small opening between the bathrooms that allows the disposal of dirty clothing into the laundry cabinet that is located in the second bathroom.

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