Alharizi 3 room apartment Tel Aviv

Living room
Kitchen details

Alharizi is a beautiful small street in the center of Tel-Aviv, in the proximity of Rabin Square and Ibn Gabirol Street. The apartment is located in an old building, on the third floor and was rented for many years.

The owner wanted to renovate and sell it. Therefore it had to be re-organized as a two-bedroom apartment with luxurious features.

The first design decision was to “open” the balcony. The balcony has been an extension of the living room, closed by walls and light construction that limited the light and the views. After removing these walls a beautiful view was exposed.

Opening the balcony set the location of the living room. Two bedrooms were positioned on the outer wall of the apartment with a bathroom between. A small niche in the bathroom contains the washing machine and drier.

The new plan sketch

The bedroom floors were covered with parquet and each got a large wardrobe.

The living kitchen provides many storage options and a beautiful dark countertop. The kitchen was painted white to emphasize the contrast with the countertop and the tiled floor.

The classic organization of the apartment, the luxurious finishes, good location, and beautiful views made this apartment very sought-after and it was sold in a short time.