Honi Hameagel apartment in Tel Aviv

Natural light connects the inhabitants with the urban nature
A white functional kitchen design for people who love to cook!
The dramatic colors of the bathroom are the highlight of my design

An old apartment was renovated and reorganized. This apartment is located in a social-housing complex built by the Tel-Aviv port workers.

Originally the apartment has 2 rooms, a hall, bathroom, kitchen, and two balconies.

It looked like it was never renovated and was in original state which was neglected many years.

It was time for a makeover that will bring out the great features of the apartment!

The main idea of the renovation was to provide a new bedroom and a large living room with a kitchen. The living room should enjoy the beautiful views of the garden.

This plan was one of the preliminary sketches showing the new arrangements. The bedrooms are missing their windows and the bathroom was built differently.

Since the apartment is not very large, I chose to paint the new kitchen in white and also provide a light countertop.

Two LED stop light stacks were positioned above the countertop to provide comfortable and shadow-less working conditions.

View of the kitchen
I would like to cook here

The living room was opened up to the northern side, allowing all year long illumination of the apartment. Wood-made selves were added into niches that were created to mask the constructive elements.

Wooden made shelves

I believe that a beautiful bathroom is the focal point of the home. Who does not like to relax after a demanding day? The wonderful bathroom was decorated with a dramatic stone wall and a light blue painted tiles floor.

Two closets were introduced for appliances. One for the washing machine and drier, the second for routes, vacuum cleaner, and other tools. Also, the area above the hall contained the air-conditioning systems.

In conclusion, an old apartment was modernized and reorganized becoming a bright home with comfortable rooms.